O & P Veterinary Equipment ApS.
Engineer Fl. Olesen and Assoc. Professor DVM J. Steen Dirch Poulsen established the

O & P Veterinary Equipment ApS

in 1973. Dr Poulsen is well known within the veterinary world as he has, for many years, been working with surgical and clinical pathological problems in both large and small animals.

The purpose of the Company was to produce magnets for treatment and prevention of traumatic reticulitis in cattle. This disease occurred very often in dairy cattle, costing the farmers in Denmark around 80 million Danish kroner per year.

The company started to produce an inexpensive magnet with an excellent quality and ability to catch and immobilise ferromagnetic foreign bodies in the reticulum of cattle. A tangible success of this early work in the company can be seen in the decrease in occurrence of traumatic reticulitis in Danish cattle due to the preventative and therapeutic use of magnets in heifers.

Since the seventies the company has developed and is now the producer of many other veterinary items for both large and small animals marked by the brand name

The products produced by the company are only marketed through wholesalers throughout the world reaching approximately 20 different countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.